Battle for Azeroth Ranking Updates

We posted an update today with some significant ranking updates for tanks.

Our optimizer uses a lot of simulation data and a lot of statistical analysis to find combinations of special effects and stats that rank well. We show you the “stat suggestion” next to your Best in Bags solution that indicates which combinations of stats tend to score the best, and where you might want to go with your gear.

But sometimes… the optimizer picks something different than the suggestion. This is because there are other combinations of stats that are just as good… it just so happens that more combinations are different than the solution it found. This tends to happen more often with tanks – there is a lot more “fuzz” with stat combinations in general for tanks. If you drop 500 vers to get 500 mastery… you will have a hard time telling the difference in-game. Same goes for any of the secondary stats.

That said, we think people would prefer if the optimizer tended towards solutions that match up with the suggested stats. If they rank so close together… why not go with the more predictable result? We agree! So that is what this update attempts to do.

It should also make the toughness threshold slider behave a bit more predictably – as you slide it notch by notch, you should see a more gradual shift from one set of defense-oriented stats towards offense-oriented stats.

Also note that the labels on the toughness slider are very rough suggestions. If you are tanking heroic raids, you don’t need to leave the slider at the “heroic” marker. Move it up or down to suit your own situation. If you notice any of the markers way off for any specific combinations of talents/gear/etc., please make a forum post with your support snapshot ID and we’ll take a look (press “help” next to the Best in Bags section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the ID into your post).

The upgrade finder looks pretty broken for my Blood DK after that update - most categories (e.g. “Bonus Roll”, “Raid”, “Mythic+ Cache”) show every item at -54.5% to -56%, regardless of item level while some categories (like “Mythic+”) look fine.

Here is my snapshot id if you want to take a look yourself: cc90be07dc634022a4988dc552273f78

I think what happened here is there is some cached data from before the update that is incompatible with data from after the update.

If you e.g. change a setting of some kind and re-optimize best in bags, it should update the cache. Then re-run the upgrade finder search, and the scores should show the correct thing. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

You’re right, that did indeed fix it - and simultaneously changed around lots of gear recommendations. Interesting, I guess there was much more cached than I expected.

Yeah this change to tank rankings might pick significantly different things for toughness than before – and you might need to play with your toughness threshold to get it at a level that feels right for you as well.