Battle of Dazar'alor Update Schedule

We have several updates planned for the new raid!

Important Note: we have disabled the reorigination array option for all saved setups for all users. We figure that most people won’t be optimizing for Uldir anymore, and it would be inconvenient to have to remember to go and change all those. You can always re-enable it if you need to.

The first update will go live sometime today (Jan 22), and has all of the new “season 2” item data: item levels have been increased for dungeon and Mythic+ gear, emissary rewards, and many other sources. We have also cleaned up a few things like crafted item constraints and several item drop sources.

After the patch is live on Tuesday, we’ll double-check against the live client’s item data, make sure everything looks good. As always let us know if we missed anything.

A couple minor feature updates will also go live:

  • The Upgrade Finder has a new warfront search
  • The Upgrade Finder has a new emissary cache search
  • For Best in Slot, you can set the item level of Mythic+ azerite and regular gear separately now

All gearing strategies and item rankings were previously updated with the 8.1 patch – nothing major is changing with this patch, so gearing strategies won’t change. That said, over the course of this week we will be running another set of tests and tweaks just to be sure that the higher item levels people will be reaching soon doesn’t cause any major shifts for any specs – we don’t anticipate anything big.

Note for tanks: we probably need to adjust the toughness thresholds now that a new raid is out, so that the labels more closely match up to the level of content. We’ll make an announcement when those changes go live later this week. In the meantime, just move your thresholds up/down as you see fit without worrying about the label.


We have posted several item data fixes since yesterday, mainly dealing with all the different variations of items and azerite gear that are now available. Please let us know if you are having trouble finding an item, an azerite heart of azeroth unlock requirements look incorrect, or anything else.

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All DPS gearing strategies have been updated to reflect in-game testing since the raid release and the hotfixes from this Tuesday.

We have also fixed a few item data bugs, and enabled the Gift of the Loa set bonus (+150 primary stat for wearing the two items).

Tank and Healer gearing strategy updates are coming soon! Within 1-2 days. They take a bit longer to calculate.

We will also continue to review and revise all DPS gear rankings based on our ongoing testing, but we don’t anticipate any major changes from this update.

Healer strategies have been updated! Tanks are close, will be updated hopefully tomorrow or Sunday.

Tank strategies have been updated! These are always the most difficult to tune with a new tier of gear, so it took a bit longer.

We have a couple other tests and tweaks we’re working on for a trait here, talent combo there, but nothing major. As always, let us know if anything looks off and we’ll investigate.

Hmmmmm with this new strategies my ilvl from 382 went down to 375. Is this a joke?

Create a post on the forum sharing your export string so AMR’s team can look into it. Generally it’s a priority order or parameter. I can also be a bug that need fixing.

Works perfectly fine for me. My entire gear was re-arranged which led to an huge dps boost. Thanks!

Today we posted a round of minor tweaks to some of the DPS gearing strategies. Most people won’t notice a big change, but a few azerite traits and trinkets will rank a bit better now.

We have further tweaks that we are working on – also minor, but worth doing.

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Is there a way to disable the gift of the loa set? I want to see my best in bags for mythic plus’s, and it keeps assuming I am getting the 150 stats from this set.