Battlefield Precision/Focus

Currently the simulator says “Not implemented for PvP at this time.” for this azerite trait, but it works in PvE as well. Any chance this could get added? For now I just lock it in, but it gets very cumbersome comparing against other gear.

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We didn’t implement it because you might not be the one using up the charges - and most people don’t want to optimize for an item that doesn’t increase their personal dps.

From a collective point of view I guess it could be simulated as all stacks being used as the group will get increased damage. But I guess that the individual DPS is what is considered, because that’s what users will compare?

I’ve used this trait before and all the DPS is attributed to the person with using it, your screen spams with damage numbers of like 573 Battlefield Focus

Wow that’s odd. But maybe makes sense. Picking a trait that potentially boosts other peoples DPS would probably be unpopular.

I tried to find it in some log and ran across this|282720

So it seems like it should absolutely be simulated then.

Sure, we could add it to the simulated traits.

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