BCC Shopping List enhancement request

The in game BCC Shopping List shows me, for example, needing 3 Enchants and a list of materials for those enchants. It does not tell me the name(s) of the enchants nor which materials go with which enchant.

Enhancement #1 would be to add the names of the 3 enchants I need. A bonus would be names as links.

Enhancement #2, add a check box next to each enhancement (default checked) which, when unchecked, would remove the materials from the list. A single checked enchant would, therefore, show the materials for that enchant.

Currently, I have to keep the AMR web page open in my browser for the entire time I am looking / farming for materials and while looking for an enchanter to actually do the enchant. It would be much easier if this information was already in game.

Could you give me a screenshot of what you are seeing in the addon? It should show the names of enchants in the shopping list, I’m wondering if some metadata is missing or formatted differently in TBC.