Beacon to the Beyond Guardian ranking

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I am trying to decide on items from the Vault. I have Beacon to the Beyond available, and I see that the majority of highly ranked Guardian Druids are using this trinket. But when checking here, it is ranked really low. I went ahead and tried a BiS check. Even there using the highest item level Beacon it still shows it as a terrible option.

I tried changing the slider from tanky to more damage, and it still doesn’t like the trinket.

Why is this trinket used so much if it is this bad? Is this an error on AMR’s side? I want to choose it, but not if it has been nerfed or something and just nobody knows about it.

It’s going to depend a lot on how many enemies you are fighting. e.g. for Best in Slot you have specified 10 targets… some of the other trinkets jump ahead with that many targets.

There’s also some opportunity cost from the cast time on it, though usually you can mitigate most of that. We could give a more favorable estimate of that cost if it’s a popular item.

It is also a purely offensive item, so items that give some defensive benefit and some offensive might rank higher depending on where you put the toughness slider.

I’m assuming it’s popular because it’s a big hit that you can time up when you need it. It’s average damage output isn’t higher than other choices depending on the situation though.

Thanks for the input! What you are saying makes sense.

I went ahead and tested it versus the other trinkets and based on my observations (not scientific) it does more damage than my all my other trinkets. It shows about 8 - 12 percent of my total damage, depending on length of fight.

From the tooltip I don’t think there should be that much of a difference, so maybe the other trinkets are bugged or their damage is not being calculated correctly.

Anyway, I already picked it and I’m happy with it. Thanks for your feedback!