Bear Tanks can't parry

The title basically says it all. The optimizer seems to be considering parry rating on gear and rendering it as a stat in the output, even though bears cannot block or parry. I don’t know of leather gear with block rating, or I’d try that to see if block isn’t showing because bears can’t block or if it’s because I have no gear with block rating.

I searched the forums and found a dead thread from 2020, but thought I’d start a new post rather than bump a zombie thread. I apologize if I should have just done that.

You are correct, druid tanks cannot parry. We do not consider parry in the calculations for bears. It looks like maybe the line for Parry in the Char Sheet stats is not being hidden – we can do that in the next update. That’s just a display issue though, we don’t consider it.

If an item has Parry on it we still show it, but it won’t do anything for you.