Beastmaster M+ recommended stats differ from guides an logs

Hi there,

I am trying to tune my beastmaster hunter more for mythicplus.


Almost every guide differs from the stat priority that AMR seems to use.

AMR Pawn Code
( Pawn: v1: “Lark - BM M+”: Class=Hunter, Spec=BeastMastery, Agility=22.68, MaxDamage=11.20, MinDamage=11.20, CritRating=12.41, MasteryRating=11.68, HasteRating=9.68, Versatility=8.38, Avoidance=0.03, MovementSpeed=0.02, Indestructible=0.01, Leech=0.01 )

Agility > Haste > Mastery / Crit > Versatility

Agility > Mastery = Haste > Crit > Versatility

Icy Veins
1. Haste, to around 30%
2. Critical Strike, to around 44%
3. Mastery, to around 5400
4. Versatility
5. More Crit/Haste/Mastery

~40% crit, 30% haste and >60% mastery seems to be the best stat combination.

Best in bag pushes me towards 45% crit and 76% mastery while sacrificing haste down to 20%.

Could you please check if there is something wrong on AMR side or am I just too stupid to read guides. :wink:

Thank you in advance

So all of these guides are a very generic target if you were to have all best-in-slot gear. Best in Bags is going to give you a result that is tailored to what you currently have available in your inventory. For many reasons this can shift one way or the other from what this generic BiS stat target may be – perhaps you have different items available to you right now, or slightly different talents than they used for their assumptions, different assumptions about the fight itself, etc. Our model factors in many of these things.

If you look at the Best in Slot result on our website using that snapshot you provided, you’ll see it picks up a lot more haste. That result looks very similar to what these other guides suggest. So given a similar set of assumptions to what these guides are using (every item in the game is available to you rather than just what you currently own), it arrives at a very similar result.

Also, the difference is not that big… shifting 10% of one secondary stat into the others in most cases will not have a huge impact on overall performance, assuming the other stats are pretty good too (which they are for beast mastery).

edit: as for the Pawn string… don’t really worry about that. Stat weights are a not a great way to choose gear once you start optimizing. They simply don’t work that well, which is why all serious theorycrafters stopped using them (a movement that we pioneered many years ago). They are OK for non-critical situations like leveling. Once you start doing end-game, don’t use stat weights.