Benthic upgrades

I was wondering if it is possible to allow us to adjust the benthic gear ilvl in “best in bags”, i would like to see if it is an upgrade if i make a piece of gear the same ilvl as the one i have currently equipped, it currently says it is a loss of 0.4% dps for a 20 ilvl difference ( i have a 405 chest on, non benthic, and a benthic 385 i just got.) i want to be able to edit the ilvl of it to see if it would be better, now for this item i am going to say screw it and go for it, but it would be a great feature to add for the future, especially with the raid coming out in a few days.

just thought i should add this, the item that i upgraded ended up being a slight dps upgrade at the same ilvl as my other chest plate.

You can’t do it in the BiB section but if you go down to Gear Check you can click on the slot and type the name of the item into the search box, for me it’s showing 385, 400 and 415 versions in the list.

You can also use the Benthic search on the Upgrade Finder.

thanks guys for the help, i never thought to check those places, will definitely use them now :slight_smile: