Best Class/Spec for AMR

After two expansions on my beloved Pandaren monk, Korra, I’m giving serious consideration to switching mains. My guild’s roster for Shadowlands currently has 4 monks on it and that seems a bit excessive for a 20-person raid team. And since I plan on continuing to use AMR going forward, it naturally led me to wonder - are there certain classes/specs that AMR works best on? I’ve only ever seriously played monk and warrior (and not even really the warrior), so I don’t have much experience with other classes. So I was thinking maybe some specs are just easier to optimize than others? Of course, that’s all subject to change in Shadowlands.

Bill (aka Korra)

I’m biased, but, I’d say AMR optimizes all specs extremely well. We continue to improve it as well. So, no matter what you pick, we have you covered.

In Shadowlands we will also be providing people with more “meta” driven builds as an alternative to our custom-theorycrafting as well, since we know some people don’t want to go off-book :wink:

Where you will generally see a divergence from what we suggest and what is popular is when there are certain builds that just work well with very particular types of content. We hope to be able to make some more gearing strategies in Shadowlands to capture more fight types as well!

I’m also going to do a write-up closer to launch that talks about the pros/cons of each class in shadowlands to try to help people choose their class.

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