Best in bag and simulation

I recently simulated my current gear then simulated the recommended gear from the best in bags. I used the simulation link on Askmrobot. My current gear sim’d 10,000 DPS higher and 7000 HPS on 2 different toons. why would I want to use the reccomended gear if my gear is sim’ing higher?

You’d have to give an addon export string and include more about what gearing strategy and simulator settings you used to fully diagnose what’s going on. Those numbers, however, are well within normal optimization error bounds for current gear levels, so there’s nothing hugely unexpected going on.

Best in Bags will instantly find you a set of gear that simulates with 2% of the theoretically optimal set of gear.

If you want to refine further, you will need to simulate specific sets of gear and compare. We have some tools in the works to make that process easier for you.

For all practical purposes, any set of gear that simulates within 2% of optimal will perform equally in-game because it would be impossible for you to empirically verify the difference between two sets of gear that close in value.

I get that about the margin of error but it isn’t really best in bags. at best it is the same as what i have on. why is it telling me to switch.

To never suggest a set of gear that simulates lower than your current set of gear… we’d actually have to simulate both sets of gear. That would be slow. We want to recommend gear based on simulation without actually simulating - so we’ve developed a really good predictive model that predicts dps without actually doing the simulation.

Ha… I have seen this for a while now… where the BiB actually simmed lower than the equipped. BUT it really was a pretty small difference, I ain’t the most skilled, lightening fast relflexes player out there so in reality, not much difference at all. Instead, I look at the stat changes to see what is being suggested… then sometimes ignoring what the recommendations are (like one time, it took away haste and crit to add a bunch of mastery, and as a Frost Mage, not what I want).

Ya need to realize BiB is an automated, statistical tool that has not much actual judgement, just looking at what the math shows. All the simulator runs are ideal situations, they never take into account human failings…