Best in bag and upgrade finder for PvP

fisrt;y, I don’t know if there has been a thread for this, or if its been answered. but nontheless…
I have been using your addon and service for a few years, and it has been awesome, but my main end-game focus is pvp, could your team figure out pvp stat weights, legendaries, ect. and make a PvP option, as I am currently just spamming vers on all pvp chars, but if you could somehow optimize this for paying users, AMR would actually have full value for me personally. I hope you can consider some PvP option, and if I have missed something, I would like to apologize , and please point me into the right direction.
Lok’Tar Ogar

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My first post and I screw it up, I meant *Firstly

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As for ranking stuff for PvP that’s really quite hard.
Are you talking about arena, RBG or world PvP?

If you can come up with a script to model PvP fights you would run simulations against that script to compare different gear options, the trouble is coming up with that script.
That is the biggest problem of ranking anything for PvP, very few encounters go the same way.

In this case you don’t need to learn the language of how the sim works, just try and come up with a flow chart of how all PvP encounters work.

We did some basic PvP optimization for a while back in the day… but then we stopped. We don’t follow PvP very closely. I’m not sure if we’ll end up doing PvP optimization again or not, but it’s always on the backlog of features we may consider.

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First of all I want to congradulate the askmrrobotteam for its marvellous work. You guys have been my TOP addon in Wow for the last year. i improved my game so much with your simulation, and different sections of the product. Best thing money can buy for a noob like me who isnt that good in math…

As for the first question, I came on the forum for the exact same question so thanks for your answer and you are right. it is way to hard to make some sort of AI about it when PvP is mostly also about style and adaptation. If I can try to answer the initial post, what I do is some sort of “in between analysis”… I do mostly Arena 2v2. i dont 3, nor BGs. So on my end I “created” my own attempt to modulate the AI of the calculations (sorry if im not clear, but my first language is French so i try my best)

So since in 2v2 its mostly “single target” i use the single target spec in the auto-setup, then I adjust some home made tweaking by amplifying the Versatility, and focus on my secondary best stat. So its not perfect, but, by adapting the results proposed for Raid Single Target (with higher verse and tweaking the procs of certain trinkets) I found that i can do some sort of “automated pvp” awesome results with the actual engine without needing a new one.

Hope i was clear and long live AskMrRobot! thanks for all