Best in bag bugged?


it seems that the best in bag option is bugged for my hunter (Name: Quîkx Server: EU-Eredar)
It always sims -5% dps increase by picking the wrong gems and uses BM azerite trade on all 3 speccs.
My gear is best as it is when I run it in “gear-check” but when I use “best in bag” it shows me the weird things as stated befor.
Is there an option I overlooked?
It looks like I don’t have those problems with other characters …

TY for your help

Sounds like you have beast mastery set as your highest priority spec. So any item that is shared with your other specs, it will “reserve” the azerite traits for beast mastery. But even with the “wrong” traits, it might still be your best option for e.g. marksmanship because it’s your highest item level item.

If you want to reforge your azerite traits when going marksmanship, set it as your top priority spec by drag-and-drop reordering your best in bags setups on the left.

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Thanks that solved the problem!