Best In Bag Error/Bug Report

Hello Everyone, i’m getting an error on somes of my char.
I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

ticket number: aaac4db8-3de7-4a9e-8edb-89060b0144d5

And sometimes it’s just timed out.


I am getting the same error. Server has been timing out since I got on this morning…Grrrrrr!

Same problem here as well.

Getting the same error on characters and/or specs that do not have all three relics in place; the null reference exception is likely due to this (just a guess though since I have no insight to the code base).

I’m working on an update with fixes for characters who don’t have all 3 relics yet – causing a little trouble for the crucible code.

Also, the Armory still does not have crucible data… so it is clearing it when you load from the armory after our addon and causing some trouble – working on that as well.