Best in bag for multiple specs?


I dont understand how the best in bag works?

I choose for ex. warrior arms first and protection 2nd and I get the best combination of items from my inventory.

Then If I choose protection 1st and arms 2nd I get a different combination?

Why cannot AMR just give me the best Arms and best Protection combination of items in my inventory so when I change spec I have the best item combination from my inventory for each spec?

Now If I choose Arms 1st and protection 2nd I cannot say for sure that I can throw away items because they might be best in bag if I but for ex. protection first.

Hope somebody understands what I mean :slight_smile:

Otherwise great App…have been a happy premium customer.

The spec order is important because it makes sure you aren’t constantly re-gemming, re-enchanting, and re-picking azerite powers on your gear.

So let’s say your Arms spec is top priority. And let’s say you have 2 boots available in your inventory of the same ilevel. One has a gem and your best arms stat, the other has your worst stat (let’s say versatility) and no gem.

So if Arms is your top spec, it will pick the boots with the gem and gem it with your best stat, let’s say that’s Crit.

Then when protection has a chance to pick gear, it sees the Arms already has the good idea with the gem slot. So now Mr. Robot picks what’s best between the two: boots with a crit gem, or the boots with no gem and versatility. In this case, the versatility ones might be best.

If the gem didn’t get locked in for arms, then you’d be re-gemming every time you swapped specs and that gets really expensive, really fast.

Did that make sense?