Best in Bag gem selection issue


Elemental shaman boots socket it goes for unique orange 11Healing 4crit and 4 spell power instead of crafted 4crit 5 spell power. While 1 SP isn’t much, is there a reason it prefers Healing Power? Does the model assume I heal sometimes in a raid or what is the logic behind it? (I know I selected unique gems, that part is not the problem obviously).

I’ll take a look – sometimes when gear combinations are that close in value, the optimizer will consider them essentially equal value for performance. We could maybe tweak it for a few extra cases like this with some extra pruning logic.

another possibility may be that you already had the 11 healing gem socketed. So AMR is not preferring it over the other when showing best in bag, it is just not a big enough change to recommend. There is an option to have amr not recommend gems/enchants unless it is an increase of x percent. you can adjust the X to the percent you want.

this may not be what is happening in your case but thought i would type it out, just incase.

There wasnt one in gear or in bag/bank with the 11 healing


another case here Durable Fire Opal in head socket, except here it went for orange Healing, SP, resilience which is even worse than before. No longer just 1 SP difference.