Best in Bag (if I added a socket)

Hi there! I was wondering if there was a way to do a search for best in bag for items that which, while they do not have a socket on them, would be better that my currently equipped if I simply added a socket from grinding memento’s? Thanks!

In the Best in Bag settings, choose “none” for gems. That will show you all of your best items relative to each other without gems considered. If you put a gem socket on all those items - they would still be your BiB items, most likely.

That’s a pretty decent way to gauge which items would be best to put a gem on. It’s not fool-proof… there is a chance you could add a gem to one of those items and it won’t get picked until you add gems to even more items. I’d start with the slot that you don’t have gems in already, and the slots where you have your best corruption effects.

Perfect this is what i needed thanks!!!