Best in bag minimum secundary threshold

Is there a way to specify a minimum secundary stat threshold I would like to have on my character. I would like to have 20% haste minimum, afterwards I don’t really care about the stats I get and the simulator can handle it for me. Is this possible in any way to configure?

Not outside of customising the secondary stats manually currently. I just jig them around until the output gives me 20% haste. Then I just have to hope I’m close enough to the stat priority with the remaining stats.

You’re not alone so hopefully this gets sorted out once the Shadowlands jitters are sorted :smiley:

This isn’t something that we are planning to add to the optimizer.

Introducing an arbitrary stat threshold and then wanting to fill in around that causes a lot of ambiguity in the optimizer. At that point you are essentially ignoring the scoring function/data. The secondary stat customization that we have implemented allows you to push the optimizer around and still generally follow our data. It is slightly more work than just setting a threshold, but it isn’t really that much work!