Best In Bag multiple builds

Earlier there was a forum post from AMR that stated the new features for Best In Bag for BFA. It was stated that there would be the feature to not only order your best in bags by the 3 specs (4 for druid) but also being able to order them by scenario as well.

Currently for paladin you can do this

  1. Holy
  2. Prot
  3. Ret

New Feature:

  1. Holy Raid
  2. Prot Raid
  3. Holy Mythic+
  4. Ret Raid
  5. Prot mythic +
  6. Ret Mythic +

It was mentioned this was supposed to be out 1-2 weeks after launch of BFA but I am not seeing how to do it on the website. Is there a way to do this or is this feature not implemented yet? If not, is there an expected timeline for it?

Reason for asking for this is that this feature is GREATLY needed for people who play their entire class and not just one spec. Right now I am having to spend a great deal of time juggling back and forth between the different builds to get them to sim correctly. Would be nice if there was a way for this to automatically be done with the tool.

Also another feature that would help is the ability to change talents from the website instead of having to go in game and change talents for that particular scenario and then reload the string back into the website.

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Just wanted to chime in with my 2c that I would also love to see this feature soon. As an example of what I’m looking for myself:

Ret Paladin main with the following priorities:

  1. Ret Raid
  2. Ret M+
  3. Prot M+ (M10)
  4. Prot Raid (Heroic)
    (Don’t suggest to change Azerite traits or enchants from higher priority sets, or a hard toggle on/off rather than limiting to a 0.25~5.00% threshold)

Yep, still gonna do it! As well as working on designing some more features to help people customize best in bags more to their liking, and some other stuff as well. But multiple sets is the top priority feature.