Best in Bag showing -% BDK all offense (raiding)

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Hi…first post.

Never had any problems before. Or at least not that I needed any help for it and would just use my brain for small changes.

But this time the Best in Bags is weird. It’s trying to use the raging tempest gear for the 2piece bonus and even tries to use a 359 item just to get the bonus even if losing 49 ilvl on the pants.

In frost and unholy spec it’s not trying to use the raging tempest gear.

EDIT: I added a threshold for gems and because my gear is changing -% over the threshold that I try, it also doesn’t care about the threshold.

I’m not sure why it’s showing a negative score… I tested it on my dev build of the 10.0.5 update that we’re doing tomorrow sometime and it doesn’t show the negative score, so whatever the issue is must be fixed. Once we publish that you can give it another try.

As for using that set bonus… it does score slightly higher in an All Offense strategy. It makes sense… you lose some strength but end up with more total secondary stats, and a nice extra chunk of your strongest secondary stat for DPS (crit).

Once you move to even say “Mostly DPS” it does not want to drop the ilvl to get more DPS, since you start to add back in more value for armor, stamina, etc.