Best in bag -- Upgrade finder

I checked Upgrade finder to find out what raid wing I should be doing to get the best upgrade. It pointed me out to Vexiona, and to get Void Ascendant’s Mantle. I got the item, but when I checked afterwards, Best in bag indicated that what I was already using was better than the Void Ascendant’s Mantle.

I made sure that best in bag was set to Holy, with preferred option also being holy. It’s not the first time I encounter this kind of problem. Please advise. Thank you.

The upgrade finder looks at each item relative to your current gear, swapping that one item out. Once you get the item, Best in Bag can move around all of your gear, and still might not make use of that item.

It is a necessary limitation of ranking every single item in the upgrade finder, unfortunately. That item may end up being an upgrade down the line once you get a few other pieces of gear.

I am not sure it makes sense, but thank you for your answer nonetheless.

It’s a matter of speed – Best in Bags does a really thorough examination of all of the combinations of gear in your bags, of which there can easily be trillions. It takes a couple seconds to to this – for the sake of argument here, let’s say it takes exactly 2 seconds.

With the upgrade finder, we are ranking potentially hundreds of items for you at once. To guarantee the same exact result as Best in Bags for each one of those items, we would have to put it in your inventory, run Best in Bags, save the result. Repeat for the next item in the list, and so on. If the list has 100 items, that would take 100 times 2 seconds per optimization, or a little over 3 minutes.

I don’t think that most people would want to sit there for 3 full minutes waiting for an answer… not to mention how expensive that would be to run, which would significantly raise the price we need to charge users for the website.

Instead we use a quicker ranking method for the upgrade finder that gives you a pretty close approximation of how valuable an item would be were you to get it right now. The idea is that even if you get it and run Best in Bags right now it is equivalent to your current gear or even a slight downgrade, it’s very possible that as you get more gear, it will become worth using.

While your case certainly does happen, it is actually pretty uncommon. The majority of the time, if the Upgrade Finder says it is an upgrade, Best in Bags will choose it. This generally only happens when the upgrade is really small.

I limit the upgrade finder to a very few raids, namely the last four wings of Ny’alotha in LFR. So, and again, will all due respect, we’re not speaking about hundreds of items, but THIRTY THREE items that can drop from all the combined bosses.

If I have the choice between waiting five minutes to see what an improvement is, or spending ONE HOUR in an LFR raid, guess what option I’ll take. It is especially true when it takes several attempts to get a specific item, just to realize it is NOT an upgrade.

I only go after the raid wing that can offer the largest increase (I don’t have time to run everything), so the upgrade offered is considered substantial. Instead of overly generalizing, could it just be that some very few items are not listed properly, which would still comfort your notion that, in most cases, the upgrade finder works? It’s not a 100% or 0% option. I took the time to list that item, so that you could review it.

Again, results are what they are, and I appreciate the efforts.

Let’s leave the calculations time alone

The Best in Bags attemps to find best items between items that you already have and keep in mind that MrRobot always tries different combinations of secondary stats - not only the best possible for this budget.

While Upgrade finder - attempts to find a theoretically best item in combination with other theoreticall best items. And here is a huge difference. You may don’t have all “best in slot” items for every slot or you may have items which are even better than BiS (corrupted / titanforged or with socket). And if gain margin is small - some combinations that you already have may be better than combinations with items suggested by Upgrade finder.