Best in Bags and BIS

Hi There

I hope this is the best place to post.

I’ve been using AMR for a few years now and love it as it has helped me to sort multiple characters.

I would like to ask about a couple of things.

Is it possible for the Best in Bags once it has run to then allow me to change the spec on a small tab above it rather then reloading. This may already be in place and I’ve just missed it (wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed the obvious)

With the Best in Slot could there be an option to show the boss the items drop from to the right at the moment I have a notepad open and write everything there. It would also be great if the in-game app could have a BIS section so once I import my gear I can see the best there again with the boss it drops from.

Thanks again for the great site and app


If by change spec. (for BiB), you mean optimise for all spec’s, then this is done automatically when the export string is generated, based on your spec. priority set within the settings.

BiS (BiB, too); there used to be a switch to show the source of the item - was this removed, I wonder?

I’m not quite sure I totally understand your request for Best in Bag and spec switching. Right now if you click on the character name dropdown, you can pick one of your other specs and it switches to it. This takes a bit of load time since it needs to re-optimize for that spec. If you are asking for a way to do that switch with zero load time… unfortunately that’s a technical barrier - to do that we’d have to load up and optimize all your specs pre-emptively. Some large percent of the time that would be wasted work/money for something people aren’t going to look at, so that is why we don’t do it like that.

For Best in Slot, were you aware that the item tooltips have the source info on them? We took out the list we used to have because the sources are available right there in the tooltip hover, and we are trying more and more to simplify the user interface.

We have gone back and forth on some sort of “wish-list” export from the site to the addon. That’s a feature that seems easy, but actually brings up a whole bunch of questions and ambiguities when we get down to trying to implement it.

Sorry for the delay replying thanks for the info.

I had totally missed I could change the spec at the top of the page (I’ll go hide in a corner somewhere)

The BIS tooltip I know about but I find it more of a pain in the backside having to hover over each item everytime to see who drops what rather than clicking a button and the item having who drops it beside them so I can easily see.