Best in Bags and Slot Recommending Wrong Gear

Just used the BiB feature and it’s recommending that I switch out a Torn Web Wrapping (ilvl 213) with Gronnstalker’s Belt (ilvl 154). It even states that it will be a -1.99% DPS loss.

Here is the snapshot ID:

The BiS feature is also recommending the Magnetized Projectile Emitter (ilvl 245) instead of the Skyforge Crossbow (ilvl 252), which doesn’t seem right.

Here is the snapshot ID:

You have the optimizer set up to get at least 8% hit. That constraint is causing the strangeness. Remove it and you will see a better result. You could also exclude those lower item level items with hit rating. It is very difficult for the optimizer to handle some of these constraints - doing a brute-force search of every possible gem setup isn’t possible. In this case I think there is a way to get right around 8% without those lower level items, but the optimizer isn’t finding it. Giving it more hints (i.e., excluding items you don’t want it to use) helps. Once you add in a constraint, the optimizer loosens up the acceptable margin for error because the score becomes a little arbitrary.

I think the difference between those two weapons is too small to empirically say for sure which one is better. The calculations like the projectile emitter very slightly more… I don’t think it would matter in-game.

new update to addon version 13. That should fix the recommended gear. you also have the option to set minimum thresholds for stats as well under customize>thresholds