Best in Bags Arms Warrior

Hi, first post is sadly not a good one, I was specced as a fury warrior, I swapped to arms and Asked Mr Robot to show me my Best in Bags. Mr Robot told me to equip Fury specific azerite traits rather than the nice helpful Arms traits on two of my items. Anyone else experiencing this or is it a general issue, or have I misintrepreted what Best in Bags should ultimately do?

Usually this happens because you have Fury set to a higher priority than Arms. On the left, you can drag and drop to re-order your specs in order of importance to you. A less-important setup (lower in the list) will never make modifications that would reduce the value of your more important setup. But sometimes it might still be worth using a piece of gear with the wrong traits for a lower priority setup because it’s higher item level than anything else that you own.