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@yellowfive Currently the tooltip says:

Gear at ilvl425 has about 12000 total secondary stats on it. How much would you allocate to each stat? (Drag the square handles between each piece of the pie to change them.)

At ilvl500 we now have closer to 22,500 raw total secondary stats, however we are heavily limited to the pie graph defaulting to 3,000 per stat.

The problem occurs when I want to sim critical strike to the soft cap of 5400 and I dont have enough total stats to balance out the other caps of 5400-6150 without heavily limiting a secondary stat to less than 1000.

Something that would be correct for the current gear levels should look like this instead.

We can change it to a higher ilvl for this patch, but it won’t impact the optimization. The pie is setting the ratio, not the absolute target. We use a concrete rating number for display only because people seemed to prefer that way of seeing it.

So for example in this screenshot, under the hood it converts to:

crit:        25%
haste:       25%
mastery:     25%
versatility: 25%

edit: Where the percentage is not what you see in game (e.g. it does NOT mean 25% crit chance), but to a percent of your total secondary stat budget.

This display issue will be updated in the next site update, probably tonight but maybe tomorrow.

Note that at ilvl525 total secondary stats on a typical set of high-level gear should be ~18000. This assumes ilvl525 items in all slots, one trinket with a secondary static stat, 8 gems, and 2 ring enchants.

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