Best in Bags doesn't use Ashvane's Razor Coral


although the simulation without Ashvane’s Razor Coral does 55,335 DPS:
and with Ashvane’s Razor Coral it does 56,517 DPS:

Best in Bags doesn’t choose Ashvane’s Razor Coral.
Snapshot ID: 437082a867444edeb49d6584e478f138

Is my post here too early? Because the last update still says “Preview of patch 8.3 is live! Note that not everything is ranked yet.”

According to your snapshot, you’re currently telling AMR during setup to not use any items with on-use effects which obviously invalidates the Razor Coral.

Even when allowing at least one on-use item, BiB seems to think your currently used trinkets are slightly better though. Not sure what’s going on there, that’s something the AMR team would have to take a look at.

Yeah, it’s ranking a bit lower than simulations in this case. We’ll take a look at it.