Best in Bags enchants for dual weapons linked

My hunter just got an upgrade and put +20 AGI on it but I’m not going to upgrade the chant on his offhad which is +15 AGI — YET, mr.robot seems to want to treat them as identical or something because if I change the enchant on the older weapon BACK to +15 AGI it ALSO pops the enchant for the new sword back to the +15 INSTEAD of the +20 AGI that is currently on it.

Bug? Feature? Floor Topping?

After considerable mucking about I finally got it to lock the enchant for each weapon but it was quite frustrating

I would need to see this specific case to figure out why it was getting confused by the enchants. You can use the help link above the gear table to generate a snapshot id and post it here if you want me to take a look.