Best In Bags fallacy

Several of weeks ago I posted that as a leveling 100+ toon that BiB wasn’t correctly telling me which weapon to equip. I was told that it wasn’t set up to tell me which weapon to use since it assumed that I would already have the legendary. I accepted that and acquired the legendary weapon. Now, I’m level 102 and it’s telling me that my BiB is to equip level 104 and 105 items I have in my bags (sent from other toons).

While leveling toons, I expect as much support as if I were already max level. Could you explain to me why I’m PAYING for this service?

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The optimizer works best with max-level characters – most of the work that we and other people do is based around that because you can level up to 110 in just a few hours these days. Since most people don’t spend that much time below 110, they blow by it and get gear upgrades fast enough that optimizing doesn’t need to be as exact a science.

In general, just put on your highest ilvl gear until you get to max-level content. At that point, best-in-bags becomes very accurate and very helpful for sorting through all the gear that you will acquire.

If you primarily purchased premium to optimize non-max-level characters, feel free to contact us via our contact form for a refund. We don’t want you to be paying for something that is not doing what you want it to do.

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it is trash I have had same issues all the time with them., and at max level also isues upon isues, it is telling me on my ret to equip a blue holy trinket instead of a purple ilevel 875 trinket for ret…it is GROSS now…
lesson learned I will not renew subscription, I asked for support and no answer was given

Your claim about your retribution paladin is almost certainly false. If you provide me with an example, I would be more than happy to investigate and figure out what is happening for you. Simply post the string of text that you copy from the in-game addon to our website, and I can reproduce your case.

It will definitely be worth it as you hit max level for one. I depend on this for raiding and re-export my gear every time I get a decent possible upgrade.

I’ve had my own frustrations with BiB in past and they’ve always been worked out.
Last week my level 62 monk had an issue with BiB and it turned out to be something with my enchants. Fixed within a day or two after my post even though they have to do quite a lot to support end-game players.

I’ve had my doubts in the past about whether I’m really getting best DPS out of AMR. Mostly due to old perceptions on the web. However AMR has proven multiple times with dps comparisions vs competing sims that they know what they are doing.

They’ve even taken the time to heavily tweak some of their gearing strategy around legendaries that have a very specific proc and play style like Boomkin’s Emerald Dreamcatcher. Interestingly they were already working together with the Simcraft developers on it. There was a lot of energy spent by AMR staff on this and the results have been very positive.

I pay for BiB just like you and nobody’s asking me to post this. I am just trying to point out why I pay for this.

I pay because I feel confident that AMR takes a huge amount of the headache out of finding the best gear and they are constantly working to improve and support it.

I have multiple gear sets saved out in Outfitter addon based on different AMR setups. AoE, Single target, Single target with specific legendaries. It does take a little willingness to play with the settings and learn to follow a sequence of steps, updating your gearing strategy sim every 10 ilevels or so as well.

Anyway I just wanted to answer from a user perspective since I know we have a hard time hearing it from official forum posters. The people who reply here are actually working on the product not just trying to blow smoke and put you off. These guys are very talented at what they do. I’m impressed at least.


I have to say I agree with thermight, They way leveling is nowadays, I don’t know why they would spend much time at all on anything less than 110. That being said, the only issue I seem to have with BiB is the relics for the Legendary’s. I’ve searched the forums and tried to follow the few suggestions about how to resolve the issues with AMR not seemingly recognizing them correctly either through the addon or in the app, but it is doesn’t seem to help. The best I’ve found is just doing it myself and getting rid of any others in my bags/bank. But then it still shows my item level incorrectly in the app and I doubt that it’s calculating my stats 100% right, because it doesn’t seem to be aware that I even have relics equipped.

But I don’t let that take away from the little I pay and the appreciation I have for not having to slog through a million drops to find the best items to equip for my different specs. Thanks AMR Staff!

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We have a thread about that – seems that for some people the relic info gets blanked out sometimes…

If you open up your artifact UI, then open up the addon export window, it should get your latest relic info without fail.

We’ll be changing how some of the artifact scanning works in 7.3 with the netherlight crucible and all that, so we’ll use that opportunity to try and make sure that some users don’t end up with the relic info getting blanked out.

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Same for me the only reason i subed for this application was the BiB function. And it fails in a horrible way every time. Even according to your own simulation dps every BEST suggested by you is a 60k-150k DPS lose. So clearly this is a service that is not working as advertise so also i will not renew sub

Could you give me an example of where it is off by that much? Ideally give me the string of data you copy from the addon to the website. We can take a look and see what’s up. It should never be off by that much.