Best in Bags Feature: Score Threshold

Swapping relics, gems, and enchants can get very expensive, and is often not really worth the cost for a tiny gain. The new score threshold feature can help you decide when it is worth it.

#How do I use it?
Click the filter button (looks like a funnel) at the top-middle of the Gear Optimizer page. In the right column at the bottom of the Item Modifications group is the BiB Score Threshold option. It defaults to 0.5%. You can disable this feature, or set it to whatever threshold you prefer. See the next post for a picture tutorial.

#How does it work?
If the gain you would get from the relic, gem, and enchant modifications recommended by Best in Bags would be below your score threshold, it will instead recommend that you leave your relics/gems/enchants as-is.

There is one exception: if your settings allow higher quality modifications than you currently have (e.g. you have a +150 crit gem but you are allowing the optimizer to use +200 crit gems), no matter how small that upgrade is, Best in Bags will always recommend replacing a lower quality gem/enchant with a higher quality one.

How this plays out in practice is best illustrated by example.

Example 1:
The Best in Bags optimizer thinks that changing all of your crit gems to haste gems will be a +0.42% DPS gain. That is below your threshold of 0.5%, so Best in Bags will instead recommend that you leave your current gear as-is.

Example 2:
You have a +150 crit gem in your belt. Best in Bags wants you to replace it with a +200 mastery gem for a +0.12% DPS gain. Even though that is below your threshold, it is a higher quality gem, so Best in Bags will recommend that you change your gem.

Example 3:
The Best in Bags optimizer wants you to use 4 new items that you got, and change your ring enchants from +200 crit to +200 mastery, for a total of +3.20% DPS. Internally, the optimizer figures out that the gain from changing those two ring enchants only accounts for 0.25% of that 3.20% gain. That is below your threshold. So Best in Bags will recommend that you put on your new items, but leave your ring enchants as-is.

#Why use the score threshold?
The main benefit of the score threshold is to prevent wasting a lot of gold on tiny changes to your gear. If you are the kind of person for whom gold is no object, then definitely disable this feature. But we think that the majority of users will appreciate at least a small threshold to always be active.

Swapping relics is also “destructive” – you lose your current relic forever. So it can sometimes be better to hold off on a very tiny gain from a relic, and maybe make use of it on an off spec.

This has been a highly demanded feature for a while, and we are happy to be able to finally deliver it! As always, please let us know if you run into any issues or have feedback.



Click the filter icon as shown here:

Then set your BiB Score Threshold, highlighted in orange. In yellow, the gem and enchant quality filters are highlighted, as those can impact the changes outlined in the examples from Yellowfive’s post.