Best In bags flip flop

So I exported my stuff to the site, hit find best in bags, started making the recommendations, then rexported and now its giving me completely different recommendations, including weapon enchants and gems. There must be something weird going on that each time i change my gear that it gives me different recommendations for best in bags.


It’s hard for me to know what’s going on without more info. You could create a snapshot using the help link and post that as a start - then we can see what you are seeing.

The most common cause for this would be if you change your gear a little bit - like to some of the suggested BiB changes but not all of them. Giving the optimizer a different starting point can sometimes change the solution it finds, especially if you are on the edge between two different solutions.

you’re not crazy. came here to post the same thing but i saw your post first.

maybe i’m just misunderstanding how BiB is supposed to work, but i took off all my gear, copied the code over to the AMR website, clicked Send to Addon and equipped the gear, regemming as suggested. then just to make sure i had everything right, i went back and copied the code again, pasted it to the AMR website … but now it’s suggesting totally different gear and gems hence wasting all my gold on the previous changes.

i would think best in bags should mean to give me my best gear in my bags along with the suggested gems and enchants on the first attempt. it shouldn’t give me different suggestions a second time just because i equip what it told me to the first time

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Are you starting from a character with no gear the first time?

Are you making changes to your soulbinds and conduits that are recommended as well?

no. it’s a level 70 geared char. i got a few new items last night, so i had unequipped all his gear before doing the export thinking the addon would suggest my BiB items. i was able to equip all the suggested items except a gem because it hasn’t been released yet. that’s kind of a problem if the tool suggests things that don’t exist in game yet

my guess is that it’s suggesting QD Isle gems that haven’t been unlocked by the server yet. and it’s trying to build a set around them which isn’t possible. is there a way to just omit some gems?

– wait. nvm i see “omit from opts”

And now it’s recommending healing gems … I’m a warlock!

You would need to link me a snapshot to comment on a specific optimization. Use the help link above the gear table to generate a snapshot id.


Did a best in bags optimization gear search but I’m on a warlock and it’s suggesting +healing gems for my chest which is rendering the setup useless

Initially, the optimization suggested an enchant that doesn’t even exist in the game Enchant Chest - Exceptional Mana, so I had to disable that from the search. So I re-ran the search again and then it suggested mana per 5 for my chest enchant which is also not a viable stat for a warlock. So I disabled that and re-ran the search again with +6 to stats for the chest, and that’s when I got these results for +healing gems to chest. I’m a destruction warlock. This seems like an error suggesting +healing gems

I’ll take a look. I’m not sure why the optimizer is stuck on those gems for that socket bonus. The +healing is ignored in the optimizer, of course. mp5 has some small value, but doesn’t score as well as other yellow/blue gem options. If you lock in the better gems, they score better, so obviously the scoring function is working. Gems are really a pain to deal with in an optimizer - it takes a surprising amount of code to pick things that seem obvious when doing it manually.

Try it now - we did an update yesterday that I believe fixes this.

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Thanks. Looks like whatever you did did the trick. Now I get Runed Living Rubies instead of weird healing and mp5 gems :smile: Nice!

Any idea why it’s recommending mp5 enchant on the chest? I can’t imagine why it would sim it at giving 2.33% more in dps than +6 stats to chest

You are probably at some very specific breakpoint where that 6 mp5 gets you another spell cast without having to lose a global to another life tap, which nets more damage overall. If you change the fight length to, say, 170 seconds, it doesn’t recommend the mp5 enchant.