Best in bags for acquired essences

Hi all,

I love the site and use it all the time. I’m wondering if it would be possible for best in bags to recommend an essence setup based on what essences and levels you have along with the number of slots you have unlocked. I’ve run the simulator and know what my best will be eventually, but it would be nice to know what they are at the moment.

It already does that… the Essences you have available are part of your Export data.

Then I must not be using it right. Yesterday I tried swapping essences to 3 or 4 different setups and best in bags said what I had equipped was the best each time.

Okay, I think there must be a threshold of some kind before it suggests a new essence. I unlocked the rank 3 version of an essence and it recommended I replace a minor essence with it.

You have to choose the major essence then BiB will recommend the minor ones.
To choose the major essence I look at the guides, occasionally I’ll do a sim testing combinations too.

Right. I knew that part :-). But I’ll run a best in bags with one minor essence A and then with minor essence B and it would say each is best in bags.

Are you locking the minor essences in?
BiB should give you the same result each time until you change the input. If you change the major essence I’d expect a different result.

Perhaps it would help us if you paste your addon export into a reply and then explain what you’re doing to get the different results.