Best in Bags for Frost No Ice Lance

When will I be able to select a custom strategy for BiB so I can accurately generate best gear sets for the no ice lance build?

If blizzard doesn’t take any action to close the gap on the no ice Lance build, we will do something to accommodate it. Up until this patch, it wasn’t enough of a DPS gain to really worry about.

It falls into what they would consider a “degenerate” play style because it cuts out a main part of the rotation, but I’m not sure if they will be able to fix it.

In the mean time, if I could just select a custom strategy, I think that would solve my issue. Right now, AMR/BiB is useless for me as it’s not accurate for Fire BM or Frost NOIL :frowning:

Have you tried using the customize feature to steer the optimizer to the traits and stats you want?

@Swol Have you reconsidered implementing a strategy for NOIL?

We just implemented the new tools to customize the optimizer. I think those might be a good way to set up a no ice lance build.

Doing it automatically would basically mean assuming all players know not to use ice lance, under the right conditions, which may or may not be the case. Give those new tools a try and see if it works for your character and let me know.

at this point, no ice lance is pretty much the go to build for frost mage, gcd makes using icelance after flurry pointless, mastery becomes our best trait, right now AMR is useless for me because this strategy isnt here. hopefully you guys add a strategy for it with gear cheack also cause that would help me a bunch ty

Are no Ice Lance strategies ever coming? I cobbled together my own rotation for the simulator from the base one easily enough, and saw a significant DPS increase from it, but without a dev gearing strategy or the gearing strategy simulations getting updated AMR’s still of really limited utility to frost mages.

Btw, the gearing strategy section of the simulator says it’s out of date for 8.2. That’s, uh, real old.

The custom gearing strategy simulation was discontinued at that time because it does not work very well with BfA gearing. I don’t think we’re going to bring it back, so we’ll eventually just hide it on the UI for the shadowlands update. Instead we are going to focus on the customization features of the optimizer.

I can take a look at the no ice lance build again… like I’ve explained before - it is difficult right now to “detect” when a no ice lance play style would be optimal for a player. It doesn’t give large improvements until you have a certain level of gear - and then we’d have to somehow communicate to players that they should change their rotation. If you can’t get a lot of mastery on your gear, it’s not going to be a gain regardless.

Going into shadowlands - we have some plans for how to accommodate situations like this where you would want to use a specialized rotation for certain gear builds. In BfA it has been a rare need.

A no ice lance build can be accommodated with the optimizer rather easily using the customize section, though. Use the stat customization to push the optimizer towards mastery and then set some azerite rules to never pick traits you don’t make use of with no ice lance. That will give you good no ice lance gear optimization.