Best in Bags & Gear Customization

We added a new customization section to Best in Bags that further lets you customize the results. A full tutorial is on our blog, along with some tips and more detailed information: Optimizer Customization Tutorial – Ask Mr. Robot

Feel free to reply to this thread with questions, comments, etc.

Just looked a little bit through the new customization and while it definilty looks nicer than the gearing strategies, it lacks the fine adjustments you could make.

For the new customization i personally would really like:

  1. Food settings
  2. Prepots settings

Do i think that this can completly replace gearing strategys? No, at least not now.
As enhancement shaman the “Mr. Robot’s Strategies” were (most of the time) okay but definitly not great (since Legion). I had alway notciable better results with my custom gearing strategys.

To be honest, the current Single Target “Mr. Robot’s Strategy” looks pretty accurat for enh but i’m not 100% convinced and miss my fine tuning with consumables, group buffs, lag, delay and more!
Running a strategy for 3~4 hours isn’t that bad when you get tailor-made gear recommendations after.

That is my opinions so far, thanks for you work!