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I have just sim my current gear and it says -6.95% DPS but it does not give me any solution. Or I am not seeing it correctly?

I would need to see a snapshot of your setup, directions here:

Looks like something weird happened – no soulbinds are selected in the solution, so probably some setting you have chosen is restricting it.

I think I’ve seen a similar issue on my priest alt, where there were a different soulbind from what I originally had, but there was nothing showing apart from the name.

I think it happened because I had gotten up to a certain amount of renown (due to the catchup mechanics), which would have normally opened up a certain level of the soulbind, but I hadn’t completed the covenant quest chain enough yet to actually get that soulbind character.

Once I had completed the quest chain, I was able to see the soulbind options.

Benjoton, have you completed your covenant quest chain yet, and unlocked all 3 soulbind characters?

Edit: nvm, I see on his screenshot that it is the same soulbind character, so this isn’t causing his issue.

Could it happen if you swaped Covenant recently ?