Best in Bags - Ignore Corruptions

I was wondering if it is possible to do Best in Bag feature based on the items and not the corruption?

With the ability to buy corruption now, I want to have the best gear then add the corruption I want. Right now for example I have a 445 piece with corruption that is better than a 460 piece with better stats but no corruption.

I could buy the same corruption as the 445 piece and add it to the 460 piece it would be better at that point.

Basically I want Mr Robot to find the best pieces without considering corruption, then allowing me to add the corrruption I want.



Easiest way would be to take the total amout of Corruption “Resistance” you have - from Cloak (if you have it) and Essences - and make that a negative value in step one of BiB.

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You can sort of score your gear without corruption by using the customize feature and making every corruption effect worth zero. Then set a very high corruption max (I think 1000 is the limit). That should allow the optimizer to pick pretty much any item in your bags, and the corruption effects will be ignored.

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