Best in Bags iLvl Very Wrong

Exporting and importing into Best in Bags shows items in my inventory as 223 and 224 ilvl in the website utility after calculating versus their actual ilvl in the game of the items of 100.

This is consistent across a couple of my characters. The result is a Best in Bags result that can’t be used unfortunately as my equipped gear is definitely superior.

This has happened to me when a character hasn’t been through AMR since the squish happened… re-import from the in-game add-on - v93 is the latest - and all the data will (well; should) make more sense.

I think I figured out the key. I had the latest AMR addon and export, but it looks like I had to go back to the bank for it to get a fresh view of those bank items. That appeared to resolve the issue. Thanks!

Yeah in retrospect I should have put out a version of the addon that cleared all data from before the pre-patch, but doing that now would probably be more annoying than helpful. As soon as you go to your bank once, and activate each of your specs once, it will clear out any data from before the pre-patch.