Best in Bags is calling for 'Royal Nightseye' for Fire Mage

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I am new to Ask Mr. Robot and is confused - I’m a Fire Mage and used the ‘Best in Bags’. My current setup I have ‘Runed Living Rubies’ in several pieces of my gears. Per Wowhead and other reputable websites - as a Fire Mage (Runed Living Ruby) are BIS for gem slots.

What I am confused about is - based on the ‘Bast in Bags’ it is telling me to replaced all my ‘Runed Living Rubies’ to ‘Royal Nighteyes’ (these are healing gems) so why?



You may want to tag this as TBC; I tried to access the Snapshot, but it failed… as I’m not subscribed to AMR Classic.

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Thanks - just tagged it as TBC.

This happens in situations where you are very mana limited – getting some extra mana to cast another spell is often better than adding a little damage to all of your spells.

You should enable some more mana consumables like mana potions, or make the fight length a lot shorter. Then you should see more of what you expect.