Best in bags is returning worst in bags gearing

Best in bags is completely backwards for me. What’s up?

If you click on the “help” link to the right of the big Best in Bags section header, then press the Create Support Post button, it will generate a snapshot ID. Copy that ID here, and we can take a closer look at your particular setup.

It seems almost as if it thinks you have no gear available in your bags… or you aren’t max level or something.


Yeah, it seems like most of your inventory information is missing for this character. We can fix that!

Firstly, if you aren’t already, make sure that you are using our in-game addon to load your character and not the Armory (the Armory has no information about the gear you have in your bags or bank, so isn’t much help).

Then, go in-game and do the following:

  1. Open your bank and leave it open for at least 2 seconds, then close it.
  2. Activate each of your specs once.
  3. Open up the AMR addon and go to the Export tab, and copy the string to the website to update your character.

Let me know if that resolves your issue.