"Best in bags" isn't loading bag gear

I use the addon to copy the export string, I imported it into the website for the Best in Bags section, but it doesn’t load any of the gear in my bags to actually try to optimize it.

For example, I have like 5 trinkets in my bags and 2 equipped, if I click find best in bags and then click the trinket slot, it only shows the 2 trinkets I have equipped as options. It won’t even consider the ones in my bags or give me any indication of differences between them.

Are they soulbound to you? if they arent soulbound it doesnt scan them i noticed. also make sure that before you export you open every bag (including bank bags if you have gear in your bank) in order for amr to scan them properly. after doing that do they get picked up?

They were not, but after restarting the game it seems to be working as expected now.