Best in bags issu


hi guys i can not use website . best in bag opp, because i got this msg


There was an error in the optimization.

Please press the ‘Help’ link next to the big ‘Best in Bags’ section header on this page, then click CREATE SUPPORT POST, and follow the instructions to post a snapshot on our forum.

Someone will help you within 24 hours on business days.

anny idea what i do ??

It looks like some bad talents got saved to your Affliction setup. I’ll look into how that could have happened.

To resolve the issue, activate your Demonology setup. Then click the delete icon (looks like a trash can) next to your Affliction setup. Then, you can use the icons at the top of the page near your character name and the Import from Addon button to switch back to Affliction, which will create a new Affliction setup for you.

Unfortunately you will have to reset your settings for your Affliction setup. If that will be a problem, you can wait a day or two for me to figure out how setups are getting into these states and auto-correct any that have ended up in such a state.