Best in Bags Issue: Corruption Limit not working (Solved)

Snapshot ID: 63a88496231a480ca492fdd3c5f7bf7f

The gear it’s selecting for my Best in Bags is going over my set limit of 39 corruption. I don’t have anything locked in for gear, and when I copy the gear list into the add on and equip it, there’s definitely too much corruption on my character (49 or more). Thank you for your help in advance!

AMR recommends using one of the new Essences from 8.3 to increase your corruption resistance by 10 which you’re currently not using. Could that be the issue?

Looking at all three of your gear sets and adding up the corruption on your items everything appears to be fine - one is at 34 corruption while the other two are at exactly 39.

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Ah yes thank you for your response, that will be the answer!