Best in bags never take into account an ability

Total sim noob and casual here. Is there a way to make the sim (mainly best in bags) part to Never use Fel Rush as a Demon Hunter. I never ever use fell rush for dps only movement so any dps increase when I do use it is just bonus in my eyes, But lately with the new traits it keeps recommending me and item that has Unbound chaos on it and also then using fel rush in the sim (even when not using momentum talent goes from 1 use to like 40 times used in fight) .

So is there any way to make fel rush Never be used, or maybe an option to never use a certain trait like how I can never use enchants or gems.

At the moment I have to lock that gearslot, but that isn’t ideal because I might have others that are better overall (just not using fel rush) LOVE fel rush as movement just hate it as dps

We have some ideas along these lines… it is technically challenging to have gearing strategies that can update based on rotation changes, though - since you essentially need two full sets of data to pull that off.

Was going to make my own post about this, but this one is along the same lines. Basically, I’m wondering if there’s a way to blacklist/ignore certain azerite traits. I believe I’m having the same issue as OP, which is that I don’t want Unbound Chaos to be considered as an option at all.

We don’t have that option - but if a lot of people are wanting it, we can look at possibly adding it in.

thanks for the answer glad to hear it can be at least be looked in to. Btw how long does it take normally to add hotfix stuff to the bis. mainly because there were a lot of Azerite Powers changed recently and that included a big one to Unbound Chaos. I know you all are trying to get things ready for the new raid but figured I would ask as that nerf might take care of the issue (for my class) anyways lol.

Unbound Chaos (Demon Hunter) damage reduced by 53%

I want to echo this sentiment, my alt is Havoc, and I will not be using Fel Rush in my rotation, so I will not be getting any value out of Unbound Chaos. This is probably the only trait that I’ve seen that has this issue.

I would just lock in the general trait on every item if it has Unbound Chaos on it, but that doesn’t work since I main Veng and need both specs. So there’s no real good way for me to ignore it right now, aside from a custom strategy, which would be a bummer.