Best In Bags - Poorer results without Secondary customisations!

First default, single target simulation, without any secondary stat selections applied - results in a +0.85% DPS increase

Same simulation repeated, except with secondary stat profile selected - placing an emphasis on Haste/Versatility returns +2.63% DPS

Shouldn’t best in bags return the best local maximum by default, and any tweaks instead deviate from the efficient frontier?

Once you put in custom stats, you can’t compare the % gain in the optimizer anymore. You can compare the setups in the simulator. If you do that, you will see that the default BiB setup simulates to higher damage than your custom setup.



Ah, the simulation still holds up. That’s good. So then what is the % gain trying to tell us?

Once you customize, the % gain becomes a little hand-wavy, as I mentioned. We are trying to tell you, based on the constraints you have added, how much better than your current gear the suggested set is. It’s hard to quantify, though, because the simulation results often don’t think it is better at all!

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When you don’t customize, the score is a pretty decent indicator of estimated percent gain in performance (e.g. DPS for a damage spec). That said, we show it as a percentage rather than an absolute DPS prediction because the optimizer is designed primarily to weigh the relative value of different sets of gear, not to predict exactly what you might do in-game.

Once you start customizing, your optimization is no longer following our model. So instead, we use a technique to measure how close you are to your custom goal. This causes the values of the percentages to change compared to the base optimization, but it is still useful as a number to help you determine how one set of gear stacks up against another, i.e. how much closer it gets you to your custom goal.

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