Best in Bags recommendations

When i load up best in bags it is recommending me options that sim 3k less than my current gear equip.
I keep my corruption under 39 so even with my current set up its under 39. Im just unsure why its wanting me to put on gear that lower my overall damage.

Recommended by Best in Bags.

Current set up

I like using Best in bags when I get a new piece am I doing this wrong should I be using something else?

Please can you provide a Snapshot ID - generated via the Help button to the right of the BiB header - so a solution can be more exhaustively sought for you…?

Current Profile

Recommended load out it wants me to use.

Even the essences are not right either. It should be: Visions, focusing iris, lucid dreams, Breath of the dying.

So; my take on things is this:
You’re getting better DPS with a pre-optimised set of gear and you know what Essences you want to use and in which slots.

Essences you don’t want considered can be excluded from BiB Optimisations; when it come to right & wrong you get into subjective territory, which is where I think AMR may be - as you would word it - ‘failing’.
Have you come to AMR to add advice to a pool for assimilation, or have you come to AMR to get support for what you believe to be an already optimal set-up, based on advice form another site?
If it’s the latter, then I don’t feel that AMR will serve you well, as you seem to have decided that advice that conflicts with what you’re already working with ‘will be wrong’.

The premise that any one optimisation/advice source is correct & others are not will always be a pointless exercise; sorry to say that, but all any site should set out as a mandate is a recommendation of what you should equip - only Blizzard can work with extremes of right & wrong and they don’t offer any services by way of gear optimisation, like AMR or others.

Now; having said all that, I open myself to misinterpreting how you have worded your queries and welcome better than myself - namely @yellowfive or @Swol - to re-interpret where I may have missed any points and further advise, accordingly.

I’ll take a look… almost all of the difference comes from the choice of ring. Perhaps something with the logic loop + bit band combos is not ranking as expected.

Our next update will have a tweak for this – it was ranking the logic loop + bit band combos, but they were a bit undervalued.

With respect to your essences, I see no significant difference between your current essences and the recommended essences when I run some spot checks – you could roll with whichever setup feels better to you. You can use the locking and excluding features to customize the minor essence picks to your taste.