Best in Bags recommending more spell hit when already capped


Snapshot ID: 4d6dfbef3f214833b7a5abecb9e024a0

I have 5/5 Shadow Focus granting me 10% spell hit and from gear I have an additional 7.29% so total of 17.29% which puts me 1.29% above cap of 16%. So any additional spell hit is entirely wasted. However in the recommendations it is telling me to change my current red +7/+7 spell damage gems to yellow/blue gems granting (+5 spell dmg / +4 spell crit) and (+5 spell dmg / +6 sta) I’m guessing to activate the gem bonus of +3 spell hit, which again is entirely wasted. And so the change results in a net effect of:

4 spell damage —> 4 spell crit and 6 stamina (+3 spell hit wasted)

Only explanation is that it is valuing the stamina more than I would think and I can see this also in the recommendation for +150 health in the chest enchant. Why is this?


I’ll take a look - seems like something is going on with the shadow focus talent - all of a sudden it’s showing up as “undefined”… maybe when we went in to fix some spell data for the phases it got messed up.


I have moved on from the above gear configuration and the current recommendations do make sense etc, but was it ever found why the above was happening?

I can’t remember… I think there was something going on with some game data or something that we fixed up. Sorry for not following up at the time.

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