Best In Bags recommending *very* non-current weaponry?

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So, this is a fury warrior alt with just a set of catch-up gear and two 1Hs, and it’s sorta meaningless to optimize it but I did it anyway. A ZH quest gave a 2H weapon and Best in Bags went bonkers. It started recommending the 2H with long-dead stuff like Shadowmourne and Legion artifacts, and if you do enough fiddling it just gives up and blanks the weapon slots entirely.

I wouldn’t even mention it since it’s just an alt with no endgame gear but the behavior is so bizarre that I thought it was worth noting as some sort of bug.

Yeah things can get a bit wacky when you don’t have some minimum of “reasonable” weapons – we do some pruning to make the optimizer much faster for dual-wield specs.

In this case, you don’t have two one-handers of higher ilvl that are both strength weapons. We filter out non-strength weapons to make things go faster. That’s leading to most of the weirdness you are seeing. Once you obtain two one-handers and two two-handers with strength that are at least somewhat ilvl appropriate, it will settle down and show you sensible options for each weapon setup.