Best in Bags recommending weird stuff

See this “Best in Bags” recommendation:

For example, it’s telling to switch “Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing” (+10 spell dmg) for “Enchant Bracer - Major Intellect” (+12 Int). There is no way this is correct for a Shadow Priest?

Moreover, the small changes it is recommending which are mostly just getting the more expensive enchants etc, it says will result in +57% DPS. This can’t be correct either?

The above is for:

$3;US;Pagle;Kurandero;Raxis Prime;6;1;70;0:0;1;.s1;PRIEST;5000320030000000000000000000000000000000000503230410250123051551;.q1;21869s3x23096y0e2981;1s8x0y0;1s5x0y0e-1837;2391s7x0y0z0e1604;4s1x0y0z0e254;1353s14;1843s9e-385;333s6;591s18;121s10x0y0e320;3s11e-9;60s15e-1040;560s16e781;156s12e259;84s13;1296s2;.inv;6948;1681;5712;2688;0;27;0;0;0;0;4821;114;471;60;0;0;0;15;295;0;0;0;0;34;230;476;674;122;53;995;17;38;507;66;1613;27;176;0;0;251;1;343;103;543;78;30;225;11;2;35;136;117;794;280;1;639;301;4;788;5691;146632;6$

Can you post a snapshot instead? Use the help link on the page to the right of Best in Bags to generate a snapshot id. When I import this string and use default settings I don’t see what you are seeing. The snapshot lets me see all of your settings.

I’m having the same issue! It keeps insisting that I use my philosopher’s stone that I keep in my bags for xmutes. My snapshot ID is: 2d75f79b374d45fb9b1dd01edcf1e602. I have a similar issue on my lvl 65 holy priest: 15bcb8d22b564feda9bcc848724546c3.

With each new expansion, we only maintain estimates for special item effects relevant to that expansion. For example, we don’t have an estimate for Talisman of Ephemeral Power in TBC, so any item with stats or an estimate will rank higher.

Once you get to max level and get some level-appropriate gear, you’ll be fine. In the meantime, feel free to lock in your favorite trinkets for leveling.

I figured out what was the “problem”. I had changed the default fight timer to 300 seconds and I hadn’t selected Super Mana Potion as a consumable etc so in the calculations I probably didn’t have enough mana for the the entire 5 minutes and that’s why it was suggesting things to increase my mana pool at the expense of spell power etc.

Thank you.