Best in bags reversing ring enchants

Snapshot 28512ec45bcc4b419c21388bee58ca2d

It is asking me to reverse the enchants on these rings for a 0% gain. These are not used in my other setup for Arms, which I would understand being the higher priority spec. Gotta be a bug.

All I could see that was causing any issue was that you’d told the optimiser to go with equal quantities of ALL for major secondary stat’s… if I disabled that, I get this:

If you’re looking to go for max. iL no matter what, then there are some slots you’ll need to (re-)run exclusions on the relevant slots…

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Yeah it’s possible that once you add customizations, some of the checks for spurious enchant changes are getting overruled… would have to dig into it.

We’re working on an improved system for handling gems and enchants going into Shadowlands that should resolve issues like this for good.

Thanks, had no idea I had checked the custom stat box. That was the issue for sure.