Best in Bags suggesting removing weapon

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When I do best in bags it wants me to remove my weapon and use nothing. It was telling me to use a level 20 legendary. I removed the addon and then installed it and didn’t open my bank so it’s not telling me that now. Now it just doesn’t want me to equip a weapon.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

As Holy, I would guess that your Strength weapon is being disregarded since you don’t gain any benefit from the primary stat/it’s an “invalid” weapon for your specialization. I would suggest trying to find a One Hand + Shield combination that gives you Intelligence in both slots, and you’ll probably find that the recommendations given start to make more sense.

That said, I do wonder if there’s a way in the future for that information to be displayed to the user as a warning of some sort rather than just showing an empty slot.

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Thank you for the input. It was working with that weapon fine up until today. I do have a 1 hand intellect weapon it sees but is not telling me to equip. I’ll get and off-hand and see if that clears it up.

Yeah there’s probably something weird going on because you lack an off-hand to pair with your one-handed weapon. You could probably just buy an off-hand from a vendor and it should resolve the issue.

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Yep - that did it. As soon as I got an off-hand it was fine.

Thanks again.

same issue here. maybe cuz my weapons arent in the system?