Best in Bags - Suggests lower ilvl item

Best in Bags keeps suggesting I replace a 420 ilvl Deathsnap Jerkin with a 405 ilvl Deathsnap Jerkin. Is there something I don’t understand? Both seem identical in every way, but Best In Bags says to use the lower ilvl item.’jin/zoonok

We would need your addon export (that you copy from the in-game addon to the website) to reproduce your case and know for sure, but off the top of my head: can you get an extra azerite trait on the lower ilvl version due to heart level requirements?

The link you provided shows this:

Sorry, thanks. All azerite traits are fully unlocked on both items. Tried pasting the string in from the in-game addon and got an error. Here’s what I see when I run Best In Bags.

Side-by-side for each piece of gear:

I still need your addon export string to try and reproduce your case… you should be able to copy it into a post here without problems. For extra credit, you can put three ` characters before and after it to format text like this

I figured it out. Balance was above Restoration on the left side, so it was optimizing for Balance first. I drug Resto up and now it’s recommending the 420 ilvl gear. I didn’t see the note about ordering under the spec list.


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