Best in Bags tip - Krosus weights then Spellblade

Best in Bags tip: do it using Krosus weights for single target fights.
Then do it again for Spellblade for AoE type fights.

I don’t understand how this could work.
If I do Spellblade after this it ignores Krosus because I can only load one config and not combine them.

After you have done the first (Krosus) rename the set that was created to AMR Krosus.
Then export the Spellblade Data, it will create a new set called AMR “specname”. This will be your AoE spec.

I usually do this once a week (after resets).

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Oh you mean different gear for different bosses. Now I understand :slight_smile:

Yeah – we do plan to add this functionality to the site/addon soon, btw. The ability to save multiple sets of gear per spec and swap them with the addon. We think it’s the best approach to gearing, rather than trying to smash two sets of gear together into one that is just “OK” for all situations.

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on the same topic, would be sweet if pawn were upgraded to easily integrate with AMR and different sims/gear/talent sets. So for example someone just looted something that is an upgrade for another spec/gear setup/whatever, and it would be cool if it were super easy to know if this is an upgrade for that gear set (vs. that set of equipment). Today, pawn checks if that looted item is an upgrade against my currently-equipped gear, which is not quite what is needed if we are going to maintain multiple gear sets.

Krosus dont appear to me to check best in bags, just Ursoc or Myt++
Could u help me pls?

I have the same issue, how do we get it to show Krosus and Spellblade for Best in Bags?

You would need to create a custom gearing strategy based on Krosus or Spellblade, then save it, and it will show up in your list. We have some tutorials on how to do that: Stat weights - How to generate a custom gearing strategy

With Tomb of Sargeras, we plan to pre-calculate many more options for you: multiple bosses, different talent and gear combos, etc. It is a work in progress though, because it is a pretty beastly undertaking. The amount of CPU power required to do it is going to be a challenge…

Once you set up 2 strategies to pull down at the top of the amr page Krosus and Spellblade it will work like this

If you have 2 different specs for Single target vs AoE its REALLY easy

AMR for Single target vs AoE with 2 different specs

  1. Select Spellblade strategy for AoE gear
  2. Clear any single target specific forced gear choices you might have
  3. Run Best in Bags
  4. Export your setup
  5. Do same for Krosus as above.
  6. Now as you switch between your two specs your gear goes with you painlessly.

There is an added step using Outfitter or similar gear saving if you use the same spec for 2 different gear sets (currently until AMR updates this).
So for my example I go Druid, Balance, and for aoe I have one set that AMR suggests for Spellblade. But for Single Target I have a set I like for Krosus with a specific legendary and other gear choices. Occasionally I have to lock in AMR gear to get exactly what I want.

AMR with Single vs Aoe Strategy for One Spec

  1. You want to export or update your AoE strategy. Switch strategy to Spellblade
  2. Do any importing from addon you need to
  3. Make sure you don’t have any items that you’ve locked in from single player since switching strategy doesn’t know about gear for different specs you might have preferred yet
  4. If any changes were made, save and update your gear
  5. Finally click Best in bags (make sure you have the order of specs there that you use most)
  6. Now you’ll have your AoE gear choices
  7. Export to addon
  8. If you want you can clone this setup in outfitter to a new gear set in game like for me I might make “Druid Balance AoE” gear set and update that
  9. Go back to begiinning for Krosus and do it for your Krosus (single target) gear.

Now you can hold off using the addon for a few days/weeks until you get some strong new gear. Check your gear sets and make sure you like the options since some gear addons may switch sets automatically when you change talents and this can get confusing fast.

PS - After writing this up I just realized I did it in reverse order of “Krosus then Spellblade” but it amounts to same thing. Point being 2 make 2 separate strategies. The order should not be important.